Terms & Conditions

ICAN Series 2019 - Terms & Conditions

1    Definitions
These Terms & Conditions for Delegates apply to every person registering as a regular Delegate (ICAN Institute member/non-member, industry representatives) for the ICAN Series 2019 Conference (ICAN Series 2019), to be held in Paris, France from December 9-10, 2019 (hereafter referred to as “the conference”), organized by the ICAN Institute (hereafter referred to as “the ICAN Institute”).

All references to a date or a deadline, mentioned in these terms and on other conference documents, refer to the Central European Time Zone (CET).

2    Conference Fees
The reduced early bird registration fees are only applicable if they have been paid to the congress account before the relevant deadlines are over. Registering is not possible without completing payment.

The deadlines are as follows:

Early bird deadline          November 5, 2019

Standard fee deadline  November 30, 2019

3    Conference registration
Only fully completed online registrations will be accepted. Registration confirmation and an invoice with confirmation of payment will be sent upon receipt of payment in full.

To register as an ICAN Member, you must belong to one of the following institutions:

UMRS938 (teams BF, CH, IN); UMRS1138 (team FF); UMRS1166 (teams PC, JPC, EB/SN, WLG and PL); UMRS1146 (team NK); UMRS1269 (team KC); ICAN headquarters, platforms, including Integromics; and the following structures at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital; Cardiometabolic Pole (Nutrition Dept., JMO; Diabetes Dept., AH; Endocrinology, metabolism and cardiovascular disease prevention, EB; Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, PhT; Interventional Radiology, PC;  Intensive Care – Resuscitation, AC; Cardiac Surgery, PLP; Cardiology Dept., GM, FHL, FP, JS, NH; CIC, CFB; and the Hepato-gastro-enterology Dept., DT; and the CRNH, KC.

To be able to register as a Young Investigator, you must be under 35 at the time of the conference, and;

  • a student, currently enrolled in a PhD or other academic program;

  • post-doctoral fellow;

  • medical intern or engineer;

  • as well as a research fellow, lecturer (MCU), hospital practitioner (PH), or assistant professor (MCU-PH), promoted within the last year as of the date of the conference

To register as a Young Investigator, you must provide proof of fulltime enrolment at a recognized university, college or relevant program, or proof of status (confirmation signed by the head of department) by email to icanseries(at)ican-institute.org immediately after completing registration.

The registration fee for ICAN Institute members, non-members, and industry representatives, includes entry to all conference sessions over two days, coffee and lunch breaks, entry to the exhibition and poster area, the networking cocktail, and all conference material.

The ICAN Institute cannot guarantee that a conference bag and other conference materials will be available for last minute registrations. All conference materials will be distributed on-site.

If the maximum Delegate capacity is reached, the ICAN Institute reserve the right to refuse additional registrations.

The registration fees include 20% VAT.


4    Methods of payment
Payments should be made in advance and in EUR only, using a credit card or by bank transfer.


All bank fees and money transfer costs must be paid by the purchaser. Any overdue balance will be collected on site. Please indicate ‘ICAN Series 2019’ and the Delegate’s full name as a reference on all bank transfers.

5    Cancellation of the conference
In the event that the conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the ICAN Institute (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the ICAN Institute, the ICAN Institute cannot be held liable by Delegates for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, costs for additional orders, financial losses, etc.

Under these circumstances, the ICAN Institute will reimburse the Delegate after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the conference and which could not be recovered from third parties.


6    Modification of the program
The ICAN Institute reserve the right to modify the program. No refunds can be granted in case of cancellation of speakers or any other incidents during the conference which are beyond the control of the ICAN Institute.


7    Name badges
The conference name badge must be worn at all times during the conference. Access to the conference venue will not be granted without the name badge issued by the ICAN Institute. If a Delegate loses, misplaces or forgets the name badge, a handling fee of EUR 5.- will be charged for a new name badge; to be paid in cash at the venue registration desk.

8    Letter of Invitation
Individuals requiring an official Letter of Invitation from the ICAN Institute can request one by contacting the ICAN Institute (icanseries(at)ican-institute.org). To receive a Letter of Invitation, Delegates must first register for the conference and submit any necessary data, as stated on the online form.

The Letter of Invitation does not financially obligate the ICAN Institute in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to the conference, the registration and the attendance are the sole responsibility of the Delegate.

9    Visa requirements
It is the sole responsibility of the Delegate to take care of his/her visa requirements. Delegates who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure. Delegates should contact the nearest French embassy or consulate to determine the appropriate timing of their visa applications.

Note: French embassies and consulates-general are independent decision-making agencies for visas, sometimes after specific checks have been made with other E.U. countries. You cannot appeal against the rejection of a visa application, neither can the ICAN Institute intervene on your behalf in case of a rejection or to speed up the procedure.

The ICAN Institute will not directly contact embassies and consulates on behalf of visa applicants.

10    Travel-health insurance
As a part of a visa application, individuals must have travel-health insurance for the duration of their stay in the E.U. This insurance can be obtained from any approved insurer. Individuals need to check with the responsible embassy/consulate for a list of approved insurers available in their country.

Individuals must have insurance for their entire stay in the E.U. and therefore are encouraged to ensure and pay for the correct number of days. The visa will only be given for the dates that are covered by the insurance policy, which need to relate to the travel dates.

11    Intellectual Property
The Delegate acknowledges that all materials and documents presented or disseminated during the conference are either the property of the ICAN Institute or the presenting Delegates and are protected by copyright laws.

Any unauthorized representation or reproduction by any means whatsoever that does not respect the legislation in force would constitute an infringement punishable by law and a violation of scientific best practices.

The Delegate's sole liability would be incurred if unauthorized use was made of interventions or documents disseminated or provided during the conference.

12    Liability
The ICAN Institute shall be held liable in the framework of a duty of care as a respectable businessperson according to statutory provisions. The liability of the ICAN Institute—for whatever legal reason—shall be limited to intent and gross negligence. The liability of commissioned service providers shall remain unaffected by this. The Delegate shall take part in the conference at his/her own risk. Oral agreements shall not be binding if these have not been confirmed in writing by the ICAN Institute.

The comments made by the speakers during the event are under their sole responsibility.

It is the responsibility of the Delegates to verify the relevance of the opinions and recommendations made by the Speakers, particularly in the medical field. The ICAN Institute will not be held responsible directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the information disseminated or the presentations conducted during the event.

In registering for the ICAN Series 2019, Delegates agree that neither the organizing committee nor the ICAN Institute assume any liability whatsoever. Delegates are requested to make their own arrangements for health and travel insurance. The conference fee does not include personal insurance.

13    Fulfillment and jurisdiction
The terms of this contract shall be fulfilled in Paris, France, and, in the event of any legal claims arising from either party, Paris, France shall be the sole court of jurisdiction.

General Terms and Conditions as per 4th October 2019.

14    Social Media Policy
The ICAN Institute supports the use of social media around its conferences and events in order to network with colleagues and friends attending the meeting. Please do however respect the ICAN Institute social media guidelines, including the following:

  • Follow the ICAN Institute on Twitter (@ICAN_Institute) and use the meeting hashtag #ICANSeries2019 to follow the latest updates and join in the conversation about the conference.

  • You may blog or tweet about content of the talks, unless the speaker explicitly asks you not to share either the entire talk or specific details or slides.

  • Communicate in a respectful and considerate way, and show your criticism in a fair, constructive and professional manner.

  • Do remember that people who will read your postings or tweets are not necessarily scientific or medical professionals, but also patients, policymakers, members of the media, and the general public.


  • The use of photography, video, or other type of recording devices in oral sessions (plenary and symposia) and poster sessions at the ICAN Series 2019 conference is strictly prohibited. Hence posting pictures or videos of these sessions on any social media platform, blogs, or websites, etc., is also strictly prohibited.

  • Do not capture or redistribute data presented at conferences as this may jeopardize the subsequent publication of the data in a scientific journal. Powerpoint presentations must not be photographed under any circumstances. Do respect journal embargo policies and the work of your colleagues!

  • Refrain from engaging in personal attacks or showing rude behavior.

  • Offensive and disrespectful behavior, sales-oriented, self-promoting, or otherwise inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

  • Delegates should not post copyrighted or trademarked material or material protected by other intellectual property rights.

The views and opinions posted on the ICAN Institute’s social media do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of the ICAN Institute, its Board or membership. The ICAN Institute reserves the right to remove comments it deems to be inappropriate.

15    Delegate Images
The ICAN Institute may record Delegate images (stills, portraits, videos, including voice recordings), whether Delegates are identifiable and/or recognizable or not, as recorded via sound recording, photographic, film, or video files taken the 9th and 10th of December 2019 in Paris during shooting, filming, recording sessions, at the ICAN Series 2019 congress.

If you have agreed to have your photograph or video taken, the ICAN Institute may without the further consent of the Delegates use and release pictures and videos taken during the congress for reports of the congress and/or in future marketing materials. The ICAN Institute may make any changes to the initial recordings, including but not limited to, adding, deleting, reframing, editing, dubbing for translation, as it deems useful and which does not cause any alteration or damage to them. The ICAN Institute may authorize the transfer of such images to the ICAN Institute’s sub-contractors (website providers, editors, printers etc.).

This authorization is given free of charge and is valid for any reproduction for all institutional purposes, including but not limited to: documentary, educational, scientific, internal and external communications, as well as for archival purposes, including for limited commercial purposes linked to the fulfillment of ICAN’s missions as laid down in its statutes.

It is valid worldwide, without limitation as to the number of copies, or formats, especially as regards to the media type and means of release, known or unknown to date, including but not limited to the Internet and the press, and for a duration not exceeding that which is necessary for the purposes for which the Images are collected and processed.

In addition, the reproductions of said images may be accompanied by any captions, comments and / or illustrations. All recordings are treated sensitively and discreetly. Names will not be published, except for those Delegates giving scientific oral or poster presentations.

These authorizations are given within the limit of a lawful exploitation of the images by the ICAN Institute, without prejudicing the individual’s reputation, or private life, and apart from any exploitation prejudicial to them, according to the regulation in force. Each Delegate has the right to withdraw, at any time, the authorization detailed above, by contacting the following address: mesdonnees[at]ican-institute.org

The congress is held in a public space, therefore the ICAN Institute does not exercise control over other Delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, or news organizations photographing, video or audio-taping some congress activities. The ICAN Institute is not responsible for individual attendee’s use of your image or likeness.

16    Data Protection Policy according to EU-GPDR
The protection of your data and the observance of your right of informational self-determination with regard to the collection, processing and use of your personal data are important to us.

The ICAN Institute will collect and store all personal data for the preparation and execution of the ICAN Series 2019. In accordance with data protection and other applicable laws, sensitive data will be deleted after the conference, whereas personal data, payment history and correspondence will be stored for the period prescribed by law (currently 10 years).

Collection of your personal data is required for registration and for speakers, to determine your preferences for the organization of their stay. Data processing by the ICAN Institute does not initiate any automated decision making.

16.1    General Regulations
The ICAN Institute reserves the right to amend the existing data protection regulations in strict accordance with prevailing legal norms at any time.

16.1.1    Personal Data:
Your voluntarily transmitted personal details (through submission in the online forms respectively sent by your group coordinator) will be collected, saved and processed in accordance with the most recent legislation on data protection (EU-GDPR 2018). The ICAN Institute collects and processes personal data according to its legitimate Interests, according to Article 6 (1) f) EU-GDPR.    Registration, abstract submission, additional bookings & hotel booking:
A registration and/or abstract submission to ICAN Series 2019 is not possible without collecting, saving and processing your personal data. This is solely for the purpose of organizing and realizing the event. Your data will only be passed on to third parties who are directly involved in running the event and when the organizational process makes it necessary – in accordance with your bookings (organizing society, hotel, transport companies, travel insurance, etc.).

16.1.2    Photos/Films:
By registering to attend ICAN Series 2019, you grant permission to the ICAN Institute as well as the organizing society to use photos/films taken of you respectively by our official photographer (team) onsite during the meeting for marketing purposes (event reporting, promotion of follow-up events & self-marketing) for as long as needed for its legitimate interests. 

16.1.3    Links to other websites:
Our online forms may contain links to other websites. The ICAN Institute is not responsible for the data you provide on other websites. Our partner companies are also bound to act according to EU-GDPR, the implementation however rests with each company individually. Our data protection guidelines are solely applicable to data controlled by the ICAN Institute.

16.2    Information Obligation according to Article 12-14 EU-GDPR (EU-CNIL)
We are pleased to provide you with the following information describing the type, purpose and scope of the processing of your personal data.

16.2.1    Controller & Processor
The ICAN Institute, 47-83 boulevard de l’hôpital, Paris, France
T: +33 1 83 79 89 01
E-mail: contact[at]ican-institute.org, icanseries[at]ican-institute.org 
The data are collected within the framework of the ICAN Series 2019

16.2.2    Purposes and legal basis of data processing:
Depending on the participant status and the bookings of the data subject, the data are processed for one or more of the purposes listed below and for the specified legal basis.

16.2.3    Third Party Data Recipients – Categories:
The recipients only receive the data they require, not your full data record. Your data will only be forwarded when the organizational process makes it necessary – in accordance with your bookings – and when a legal basis exists.

 16.2.4    Transfer to Third Countries:

16.2.5    Data Storage Period:
Sensitive data (special dietary requirements), which are collected by the ICAN Institute with the consent of the data subjects, as well as passport data and information submitted for statistical data collection are irrecoverably deleted with the end of the event wrap-up.

All other data are stored for 10 years, to meet the retention period according to the French regulation and to permit post-event support and service (i.e. belated participation confirmations and presentation certificates).

Upon revocation of the person concerned, their data will be deleted immediately.

16.3    Data Subject Rights
We are pleased to inform you about your rights according to EU-GDPR:

16.3.1    Data Subject Rights according to Article 15-21 EU-GDPR:
You can exercise your rights by sending your request to: icanseries(at)ican-institute.org

  • Right of access by the data subject

  • Right to limit the use of your data

  • Right to rectification

  • Right to erasure/”Right to be forgotten”

  • Right to restriction of processing

  • Right to data portability

  • Right to object (at legitimate interest of the controller)

​Detailed descriptions can be found here, © European Union, http://eur-lex.europa.eu/, 1998-2018

16.3.2    Right to withdraw consent according to Article 7 EU-GDPR
Depending on your participant status, we kindly ask you for different declarations of consent. These are queried within the online forms or directly inquired from the specific person/group coordinator/company representative. The declarations of consent are not compulsory according to the EU GDPR.

Each data subject has the right to withdraw his/her given consent(s) at any time. The withdrawal of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing carried out based on the declaration of consent until the withdrawal.

16.3.3    Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority according to Article 77 EU-CNIL
Every data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, if the data subject considers that the processing of personal data relating to him/her infringes to the EU-GDPR.

If in your opinion the data proceeding would be contrary to the data processing law or to your data protection high demands, you may complain to the French data protection authority (CNIL.fr).

17    Cancellation - Exercising rights of retraction

Delegates have the right to cancel (retract) paid registration without giving any reason within fourteen calendar days and before the 6th of December, 2019.

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing by email to the ICAN Institute (contact(atican-institute.org). You may use the template annexed to the present Terms and Conditions.

Registration will be reimbursed in full if the cancellation notice is received within 14 days of the date of purchase, and up to the 6th of December, 2019. Any refunds will be credited by default to the account from which registration was paid and be labelled “ICANSERIES REFUND”. If you don’t receive acknowledgement of receipt from the ICAN Institute in 2 working days, please contact the ICAN Institute at Icanseries(at)ican-institute.org.

If you’ve missed the 14-day cancellation period, registration fees will be refunded as follows:

Written cancellation received:

  • Before November 8, 2019:50% refund

  • Between November 9 and 25, 2019:40% refund

  • After November 25, 2019:no refund

The email receipt date will be the basis for considering refunds. Refunds will be processed within 14 days after receipt of cancellation email.

In the case of over-payment or double payment, refund requests must be emailed to the ICAN Institute at icanseries(at)ican-institute.org. In case of double payment, rules for cancellation will apply (see above).

No refunds will be granted for unattended events or early termination of attendance, in case of cancellation of speakers, lack of space in the conference room or any other incidents during the conference, which are beyond the control of the ICAN Institute.

17.1    Effects of cancellation/retraction
If a Delegate cancels a paid registration, all payments received from the Delegate will be refunded without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen days from the day of receipt of the retraction decision. Refunds will be processed using the same means of payment as was used for the original transaction; in any case, the refund does not engender any additional fees.

17.1.1    Cancellation/Retraction – Template
Please complete and return this form by email to the ICAN Institute (contact(at)ican-institute.org) only if you wish to cancel your registration.

For the attention of the ICAN Institute, 47-83 boulevard de l'Hôpital 75013 Paris, France (mail):

I / we (*) hereby notify you (*) of my / our (*) cancellation of ICAN Series 2019 registration:

Registered on:

Delegate’s name(s):

Delegate’s professional address(es):

Delegate(s) signature(s) (only for physical letters):


(*) Delete whichever is not applicable

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